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Make A ‘Star Attraction’ Of Your Swimming Pool: Choosing A Great Finish

Posted by James Chapman on May 17, 2019 11:09:18 AM

Make A ‘Star Attraction’ Of Your Swimming Pool - Choose A Great Finish-1

The surface finish of the walls and floor of your swimming pool is the first thing people see. It’s the finish of the pool surfaces thatt will set how the water looks. It gives the pool its own distinct personality. There are many facets to what effects the finish imparts. Knowing the basics is the first step to choosing the best finish for your pool to deliver a vibrant and elegant look.


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What Affects The Apparent Water Colour?

Pool water generally appears to be blue or green-ish and that is imparted by the colours and texture of the surface, as well as the pool depth. The water quality also has an effect, as does the angle of the sun. The overall dominating effect is down to the basic colour of your surface. For example, a white finish will make the water look blue, while beige gives it a green hue.

Light Or Dark Colours?

It’s more than just setting a mood. Dark colours on the walls and floor of a pool trap heat more than light colours. It’s the same effect as wearing light coloured clothes in summer because they “attract” less heat. On a hot day, it can make a difference of up to 10 °C to the temperature of the water in your pool.

How Long Does Pool Resurfacing Last?

Generally, it lasts 8 to 20+ years depending on the conditions to which it is exposed. That includes weathering effects as well as the chemicals and chemistry of the water. You can imagine what 15 years of being submerged in chlorine can do to almost any substance. The impact on your surface depends on the type of material as well as the environmental conditions.

Short- Or Long-term Investment

Surfaces that last longer cost more and you do get what you pay for. It might cost perhaps considerably more to install a surface that will last for over 20 years compared with one that may last for 10. That is something to consider if you intend to remain for a long time in that house or plan to move within a few years.

Tone In With The Pool Environment

Your pool may be the most attractive feature of your garden, but it will look even better if it is in-keeping with the surroundings. That includes landscape, lighting, garden features, decking, and so on. Thinking like a designer might will help you avoid jarring contrasts. Always discuss it with your pool supplier or maintenance people too. They have seen many pools and know what works and what doesn’t from experience and observation.

Pool Maintenance Is Vital To A Long Life

Keeping your swimming pool in tip-top condition goes a long way to prolonging its usable life. Download our Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide and learn about simple maintenance techniques you can easily do yourself.

Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide

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Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide

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