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Is Swimming Pool Maintenance Expensive?

Posted by James Chapman on Dec 5, 2018 12:50:00 PM

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If you lived on the US west coast, you would have a pool person come in every week to skim and vacuum your pool. Oh the sheer luxury of it. Pool person is almost a career choice in the US. Here in the UK, professional swimming pool companies like ourselves offer various care and maintenance packages that go a long way to prolonging the life of your pool as well as keeping it in tip top condition and spotting potential problems before they can cause trouble. We offer everything from one off visits to weekly attendance to clean and check every aspect of your pool.

The Main Things To Watch Out For

These three tasks are the main concerns for swimming pool owners:

1. Keep your pool and its water clean and hygienic to prevent waterborne pathogens that can cause sickness. It also prevents algal blooms which are unsightly, unhealthy and attract animals

2. Keep chlorine at recommended levels although some owners prefer salt water even though chlorine is the easiest option.

3. Maintain the correct pH level of your water by testing every few days and topping up the chemical levels as needed.

How To Minimise Expenditure On Chemicals

Use fewer chemicals but top up frequently. That is preferable to using a lot of chemicals on an occasional basis. You use less product, it takes less time and it’s easier to hit the right balance.

Annual cost of chemicals is typically between £100 and £250 depending on pool size and usage.

Daily Cost £0: There really is no cost attached to the simple daily tasks of checking the water level, removing debris and topping up the chlorine and pH chemicals -  except perhaps the cost of any chemicals needed to balance the pH level and top up the chlorine level when required.

If you were to engage a professional service to perform these tasks for you, a weekly cost of around £75:

  • Skim your pool surface
  • Vacuum your pool manually
  • Back wash sand filter
  • Clean on pump and skimmer baskets
  • Perform a 6-part chemical check and carry out any necessary treatment
  • Shock your pool to ensure it is maintained to a high level of hygiene
  • Inspect all mechanical parts of your pool system

If you were to engage a professional service to perform these tasks for you, a monthly cost around £90

Annual cost £175 includes a full inspection of every aspect of the pool including pump, pipework, tiles and so on. Prepare a report of any issues found and put forward a plan to remediate them.


The biggest reason for having your pool refurbished to get it looking up to date and know everything is working safely and efficiently. Damage that can age your pool can occur as a result of frost and wind damage, or through damaged pipes, pumps or other equipment.  We are happy to inspect your pool during the off season at whatever interval frequency you choose and check for any potential damage that may require repair. Pool refurbishment should always be carried out by professionals.

Download Our FREE Maintenance Guide

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Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide


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Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide

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