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Quick & Easy Ways To Keep Your Garden Swimming Pool Clean

Posted by James Chapman on Sep 27, 2018 12:00:00 PM


The key to keeping your pool as clean as possible is to simply stay on top of it. Making it a habit to check the surface for leaves and debris and removing them immediately makes a huge difference to the amount that will sink to the bottom. Frequent action does not take more than a minute or two but is the basis for a clean pool.

General Tips

Keep animals, chemicals (like lawn fertiliser) and vegetation well away and out of the pool. Bird droppings contain nitrates and they are food for algae, along with animal and human waste.

Install a pool cover and pull it over at when the pool is not in use. That will make a significant difference to the amount of dirt that falls into the pool. This is the single most effective defence against dirt.

Every Day Before Swimming

Every day, or even more frequently, skim the surface for leaves, bugs and other debris with a net. Sweep the bottom of the pool if you can see debris along the floor.

Every Saturday (Well, Weekly, But Saturday Is A Good Day For Routine Chores):

Clean out the skimmer strainer basket every Saturday morning – or more frequently in autumn. The skimmer’s main job is to skim the surface of the pool of debris and contaminants before they become saturated and sink to the bottom. Everything lands on the surface first. Ideally you will need to have a very effective skimmer because the more it can skim off, the better.

Wipe or clean the scum line from the tiles/line to remove any deposits. Maintaining a pH of 7.2 helps to keep scum from developing.

Keep an eye out for dead algae that may have sunk to the bottom. To prevent this you can use a coagulant to bind tiny bits together so the filter gets them.

Every Few Weeks

Clean the pump basket on the front of the pool pump every few weeks. Turn off the pump first to release the pressure on the system.

Once A Month

Once a month, clean your pool filter by following the manufacturer’s instructions.


As you are looking your pool, take note of any of these as they are probably telling you that there may be an issue:

  • Are there any unusual smells?
  • Are the returns in the sidewall of the pool weak?
  • Check that the drain at the bottom is not obstructed.
  • Do you have good clear water in your pool? You should be able to see every inch of the bottom and the water should be crystal clear.

Other Steps

It is worth engaging the services of a swimming pool specialist like JB Elite to run a monthly maintenance program during the active months. We perform all of the above checks and a lot more to maintain the health of your pool. Contact us for more information.

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Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide

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