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Get my copy of the FREE Swimming Pool Buyer's Guide!Introduction

Nothing provides as much family fun and pure pleasure as a swimming pool. The sound of happy children and joyful splashes are the signature of many a summer day, while the adults lounge about the poolside sipping cold drinks and soaking up the sunshine slipping in for an occasional cooling dip.

Investing in a swimming pool is a lifestyle decision, but one that repays with years of happy memories and undoubtedly marks out your home in the minds of all visitors as somewhere rather special. At JB Elite we can help you make the right choice of pool, guide you through installation and take care of all your ongoing servicing requirements. Investing in a home swimming pool has never
been easier and more accessible.


Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Pool...

Modern pool equipment makes maintenance very easy. Running costs are lower because of new heat equipment technology such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps that literally take heat from the air or from underground to heat your pool at very low cost – much lower than conventional electric, gas or oil heating systems.
The choice of pool styles, materials, designs and models can be overwhelming at first. That’s why we wrote this guide to provide you with basic ideas and food for thought when considering installing a pool. It’s far better to have some starting point than simply being inundated with brochures or website pictures. Planning something as pleasurable as a swimming pool should be fun in itself. Starting from a position of some knowledge makes you aware of the options to look for and the considerations to bear in mind.

Benefits Of A Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool at home is a luxurious way to relax in the summer and entertain guests. Grandchildren and family pets adore a swimming pool. Swimming pool owners get hours of fun watching their kids swim, jump and splash about in their pools, even if they don’t go near it themselves!

Of course, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is. You can swim at any age, even if joint pain or mobility difficulties inhibit taking on other exercises, such as running. Swimming is good for the heart, lowers stress levels and strengthens all major muscle groups, as well as improving breathing and flexibility. And then there is the enjoyment of a barbecue by the pool on a warm
summer evening, or simply relaxing outside with a cocktail and a good book.

Need we go on?

Long Swimming Pool Buyers Guide CTA

Purpose Of This Guide

We have distilled our wide knowledge and experience of all aspects of swimming pools into a short guide to provide you with a taster of what is available and the main options to consider when planning a swimming pool. We hope that it proves a useful primer on your exciting journey to installing your very own pool that you, your family and friends will enjoy for many years.

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Choosing The Right Type Of Swimming Pool

There are various types of pool you can choose from. In this section we explain the main types, with the comparative advantages of each.

Above Ground Pools

Technology and construction techniques mean that modern above ground pools can have lots of the great features and benefits of in-ground swimming pools but at far lower cost. They are generally smaller than in-ground pools, but they can still be large enough to happily accommodate a family.

  • Safety - Many feel they are also safer because there is less chance of an unsupervised small child accidentally falling in.

  • Features - These pools can be fitted with swim jets, waterfalls and other pleasure enhancing equipment.

  • Quick - Typically they can be installed in a day or two and, of course, you do not need to spend a lot  of money digging a great big hole in your garden.

  • Cheaper – As they are generally smaller than inground pools running costs tend to be lower too, as they take less time and energy to heat and can be covered when not in use.
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The takeaway about above ground pools is that they are well worth a look when making your pool decision.

In-Ground Pools

All of the following pool types are of the in-ground variety. This is by far the most common type of pool, requiring excavation and infill of some material, to support the pool shell and lining.

Panelled Pools

This type of pool comes in kit form and consist of a series of panels that form the floor and walls of the pool.

  • No concrete required

  • Uses a gravel bed

  • Drainage is important

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The big attraction of panelled pools is that you do not have to infill an excavation with mass concrete. All you need is gravel between the walls of the pool and the side of the excavation. One important requirement is to ensure that the excavation is very well drained so that you do not experience a build-up of water in the supporting gravel bed.

Block & Liner

The walls are simply created using concrete blocks with a screed floor, over which a liner is placed to form the surface which is a flexible PVC membrane.

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  • Economical - It is a very economical construction method to create a strong long lasting inground pool.

  • Resistant to movement - One great benefit of block and liner pools over traditional concrete pools is that movement has little or no impact as the blocks and liner can absorb movement whereas a concrete pool may crack.
              The Swimming Pool Buyers Guide 5-1

Usually the walls are built using hollow concrete blocks reinforced with metal rods and filled with concrete. The floor can be screed laid onto compacted hardcore. Then a vinyl liner is fitted into the prepared cavity, which is waterproof of course and retains the water inside the pool. The liner is manufactured to exactly fit the dimensions of the pool and therefore can be customised to any desired shape.

Tiled Pools

The traditional swimming pool construction, it consists of a concrete pool shell over which a leakproof membrane is applied. The finish is provided by ceramic tiles, which provide probably the best medium to indulge in really attractive and artistic designs.

  • Attractive - Many people believe that tiled pools are the most attractive of all, despite intense competition from modern day materials.

  • Prevent leaks - A common complaint about tiled pools is that they leak. Leaks are mostly caused by poor or incorrectly constructed and waterproofed incorrectly. When proper professional care is taken about pool construction, these problems do not occur.
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Advances in concrete formulation and construction technology mean that tiled pools are of a far higher standard than even 20 years ago. Talk to us about the pros and cons and why a tiled pool may well be the best option for your garden.

Sprayed Concrete

Shotcrete and gunite are two modern concreting techniques that have many advantages over the traditional mass concrete method of swimming pool construction. Both of them involve spraying concrete over a framework of steel reinforcement, which has been pre-installed in the excavation to suit the shape and style of the pool.

  • Shotcrete involves spraying a wet
  • concrete mix over the steel framework

  • Gunite is a dry mixture of concrete
  • and aggregate
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Both methods are much faster than pouring and forming traditional concrete. They also result in no joints and no sharp angles. This technique is ideal for free-form pool design.

The liner is then manufactured to the exact dimensions of the pool cavity, which adds to the customisation possibilities offered. The mix is pumped through a pipe, meaning this technique is suited to sites that may present access difficulties.

One-Piece Pools

Often called fiberglass pools, these are prefabricated shells usually made of fibreglass. They are manufactured in specialist factories and delivered by road haulage to your site where a crane lifts the shell of the truck and lowers it into the excavated pool cavity.

  • Leakproof - The great attraction of one-piece pools is that they are guaranteed to be leakproof unless they are damaged.
  • Attractive - The smooth and shiny surface adds to the pleasure. Furthermore, many features such as steps and seats can be formed into the mould from which the pool shell is manufactured.
  • Low maintenance - They are also easy to maintain and keep clean as there are no tiles or grout to wipe down.
  • Durable - They have a long lifespan.
  • Quick - Once the excavation is ready, they can be installed within a day or two of delivery.
  • Variety - There is a very big variety of sizes and styles to choose from, which is another attraction of one-piece pools.
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One Piece Pools By Niveko

Niveko are specialist manufacturers of a unique type of in-ground monopool. Their pools are at the top end of this sector but they still represent excellent value for money. JB Elite are approved Niveko installers.

Benefits of Niveko pools include:

  • You can fully customise your own design

  • The pool material never fades and is unique to Niveko

  • Intended to be in-ground pools that are set into a concrete foundation

  • Delivered in one piece for rapid installation

Shape - You are not restricted to the basic rectangular shape, although it is usually the most practical.
Customised - You can create your designs and send it to Niveko who will manufacture it in one piece.

Accessories - There is a range of additional features that you can specify, such as filtration preferences.

Remote Control - You can download the App to your phone and control the pool functions remotely.
Preparatory groundwork includes excavating the pool site and filling it with concrete, just like a traditional tiled concrete pool. Then the normal pool machinery and accoutrements, such as pumps and pipework are installed in readiness for the pool shell to be laid on top.

From the time we start the groundwork until you can take your first dip in your new Niveko pool is about two weeks. Weather conditions can impact this timescale. Most of this time is taken up by preparatory work and installing the pool itself can be competed in a day or two after delivery.
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Swimming Pool Design Ideas

One of the most enjoyable parts of choosing a new swimming pool is browsing through other people’s designs. It’s always best to choose what you would most like first, regardless of budget. After all, the whole purpose of a swimming pool is to give as much pleasure as possible, not to save a few pounds here and there.

In fact, a search for “Swimming pool design ideas” in Google will reward you with a rich harvest of mouth-watering ideas to get you going. Speak with us at JB Elite for guidance on what best suits our UK climate and what suppliers operate in your locality.

Please also consider how the pool will fit in with your garden. Pay attention to how the pool will enhance the appearance of your property rather than seeming to be an afterthought that was just dropped in! Sometimes, minor landscaping can go hand in hand with a pool installation. Do you want the pool flush with your garden or would a little backdrop and water feature set it off nicely? With a swimming pool from JB Elite you can have a family investment that suits your property and preferences – while staying within a realistic budget.

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How Much Do Swimming Pools Cost In The UK?

That’s a bit like asking how much a car costs. It all depends on a range of factors. If you are going to install a swimming pool that will last, then it pays to do it properly and professionally. Depending on factors such as pool type, size, decking and surrounds, added features, materials, labour and so on, the cost of an in-ground pool can range anywhere between £40k-£1m. Above ground pools
may cost less.

The thing about a swimming pool is that it’s something rather special that adds an element of beauty to your property as well as being a source of great pleasure and many fond memories. It also reflects your lifestyle and tastes, so you want a touch of understated elegance blended with excellent functions.

When it comes to planning your pool, it is good to have a budgetary figure in mind. A budget will help guide your choices between a blend of model types, heating method and accessories to provide the kind of pleasurable experience that will appeal to all generations.

How Much Do Swimming Pools Cost To Maintain & Heat?

Running costs for an outdoor pool depend on the length of the usage season as well as other factors such as how warm you want the water to be, whether you have invested in a pool cover, and so on. Of course, larger pools do cost more to run and maintain. A guide figure of £30 per week on average should give you an indication.

Heating is the biggest cost. Nowadays, low cost eco-friendly systems such as Air Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps, as well as solar energy, mean that heating costs can be amazingly low. Gone are the days of expensive oil or electric heating. In fact, solar panels can now even be incorporated into your pool cover to directly heat the water.

Chemicals to treat the water are essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. The rule to follow when using chemicals is: using fewer chemicals on a regular basis is preferable to using a lot of chemicals on a less frequent basis.

Running the pumps to circulate the water and any additional lighting will be drawn from your domestic mains power supply and will add to your electricity bill but not significantly.

Pool maintenance should also be factored in. It is a very good idea to have an annual inspection by a professional pool servicing company, usually in springtime after the autumn and winter non-usage period. That will include checking over the mechanical and electrical aspects, such as the pump and filtration system, as well as inspecting the pool structure for damage or leaks.

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Why Choose JB Elite?

Two engineers, James and Ben, set up JB Elite Services in 2012 when they felt they had learned all they could from working for others. They believed that customers needed a top quality service that also delivered a great customer experience. This ethos is shared by the entire team and means you receive an outstanding professional service each time we visit.

Ours is a swimming pool company is run by engineers but is totally customer driven.

The combination of technical expertise and enjoyment in providing customers with as much pleasure as possible from their swimming pools make for a happy company. We also keep abreast of new developments in the industry, such as new materials and advances in pool equipment technology. It means you obtain the best possible up to date advice when you talk with us about a new pool or about improvements to your existing pool.

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Our Services

JB Elite provides swimming pool maintenance, repairs and refurbishments for private swimming pool owners. Our job is to provide you with a range of specialist, affordable swimming pool services to keep your pool safe and in good condition, and to enhance your enjoyment of it.

We carry out works for a wide variety of clients, from individual home owners to national companies and councils. We look after a number of schools, hotels, leisure centres, gyms, hydrotherapy centres, RAF bases and animal hydrotherapy centres.

We can repair heat pumps, detect and fix leaks, test pipes, replace tiles, install new filters and more.

We can set up bespoke maintenance plans that include cleaning, debris removal and maintaining your chemical balance.

We can refurbish old pools, giving your swimming pool a new lease of life with a revamped pool enclosure, a slatted cover, new steps, tiles or a complete overhaul.

In fact, any assistance you need whatsoever with your pool, we can provide it. Our team are experienced swimming pool specialists and have worked with hundreds of pools of all different sizes across the country.

Call on us when you want to:

  • Make your home swimming pool safer for your grandchildren
  • Improve the safety of your swimming pool
  • Update your pool with a more modern appearance
  • Save time cleaning and maintaining your pool

Our services are sensibly priced and provide great value for money.

Our Coverage Areas

JB Elite operates from two locations covering the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Peterborough plus surrounding areas, offering a full range of swimming pool services.

Contact Us

Please get in touch by any of the following means:

Telephone: 01536 646 007
Visit our website:
Like Us On Facebook:
Follow Us On Twitter:


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Hot Tubs

We also deal with all things connected to hot tubs, so if you are a hot tub owner or are thinking of investing in one, visit the hot tub section of our website:

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Appendix: How To Make Your Pool Safe For Children & Pets

Safety while swimming is your first priority. Most home swimming pools are relatively shallow and safe. There are risks, of course, and we all strive to avoid preventable accidents.

Following these simple guidelines will help keep everyone safe while having fun in your pool.

Write Your Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Make a short, simple list of rules that children can understand. If you’re having a party or a big family gathering, it’s a great idea to print off a few copies and laminate them. Put them in places where people can’t miss them.

Here are some you could use:

  1. Children under five and non-swimmers must be supervised by an adult
  2. No running around the edge of the pool
  3. No diving if the deep end of the pool is less than 2.5 m deep
  4. No diving outside the designated diving area
  5. No pushing people into the pool
  6. No ‘bombing’ and look before you jump
  7. Don’t bring glass bottles or food into the pool
  8. (One for the adults) Don’t use the pool after drinking alcohol – 70% of swimming pool drownings among adults occur after alcohol has been consumed

Additional Safety Precautions

  • Designate a responsible person to keep a lookout
  • Keep your pool area fenced off to prevent people and pets accidentally falling in
  • Ensure your pool is secured with an appropriate pool cover while not in use
  • Keep the edge of your pool in good repair, replace damaged tiles and keep it as dry as possible
  • Make sure you know how to respond in an emergency, and have basic first-aid supplies to hand

For more information, please download our FREE Home Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Guide.

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