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Why you should get a solar bubble cover!

Posted by James Chapman on Dec 4, 2019 6:03:59 PM



Having a pool cover is a necessity when it comes to maintaining your pool. They prevent all types of debris from getting into your pool when the bad weather comes around. Not only do they help protect your pool, they save you money in all kinds of ways!


Solar bubble covers do a lot more than just cover your pool, they capture the suns rays and use the solar energy to help raise the temperature, meaning that you don’t need to spend as much money on heating your pool.


Effectively, you’ll find that the heat within the pool is trapped due to evaporation being prevented by the cover meaning that you are putting less pressure on your heater, and in turn giving it a longer lifespan.


Reduced Water Costs

Solar blankets greatly reduce evaporation of the water in your swimming pool, therefore minimising the amount of water lost. This then means that you are not replacing your water as often as usual.

Studies show that during the swimming season, a pool cover will help reduce the amount of ‘top-up’ water needed by as much as 50%!


Reduced Energy Costs

Solar bubble covers are a great eco-friendly choice for helping with the heating of your pool. Combined with a suitable heat pump, the running costs of your pool are destined to drop! In really warm weather, you may even be able to solely have your pool kept at temperature through the use of the cover!


Reduced Chemical Costs

As I mentioned before, evaporation is one of the biggest causes of water loss in a pool; which also means a loss of chemicals. Having a solar cover helps tackle both of these problems, as a lot of chemical loss is through evaporation. Just think how much money having a pool open to the elements is costing!


Increasing Water Temperature

The main reason people get bubble covers is due to the fact that they play a huge part in warming your pool water. Usually, the covers help raise the temperature of the pool by around 6 – 8 degrees Celsius depending on many factors such as the colour over the cover, the number of hours of sunlight, and many more.



For more information or for a free quotation on a bubble cover, contact JB Elite Services on 01536 646 007. You can have a quotation in minutes!


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